Taking stock of my…well, stock

Gathering materials needed to start this project. First of all, I need to visit the tub. The big blue Rubbermaid tubs that I keep some of my fabric in. It’s really not the best storage system, because I cant see what’s inside unless I open the tub and dive right in. I am sure you can imagine what this turns into, should I not be able to locate the piece I am looking for. I usually end up searching tub after tub and sometimes I even give up all together. Later I often realize what I was looking for had been used or given away. In some cases it’s still at the store, because I only thought I bought it.

fabric bins afterAs you can see this is a very organized space. Easy to see through containers tucked out of the way, under the cutting and sewing space.

I found this picture on PINTEREST. This isn’t my room. Oh my goodness, I am not organized like this! I do dream about being this organized. Someday I may trade in my blue tubs for something practical like this, that day is not today. ; )

I do admire this room though, cool huh?

Getting started tonight, well to be honest it’s actually very early morning. I think I will be calling it a day and getting a good start tomorrow. I did cut out 8 hats size x-small. It didn’t take very long at all. To ensure accuracy, I will be getting some sleep now.

fox hat pic

Happy sewing is good sewing.


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