Good intentions, less than desired outcome 

When I thought about sewing 1,000 hats in one year, I assumed it would be easy. I had formulated a pretty good plan and I started off really well. But life, as is sometimes will do, got in the way.

I hate having to make excuses for myself. But I will anyway. First of all, I will say that I made lots of hats even if I did not make 1,000.  That is something to be proud of. I may have even made more than some people thought I could make.

So, one thing that happened was hubby (who has been ill for a while) went back to the hospital and had 3 more surgeries during his 8 day stay. He’s is doing much better now, but that required preparation and time off work. It also kept me busy at home and days eventually turned into weeks without sewing. Had I stayed on track, I think realistically 500 would have been a more attainable goal. I want to thank all the people who donated fabric, that was wonderful and helped me increase my total hat count.

Then, the foot. I had had some foot issues, nothing major, but planning to take time off for this became a huge deal. It took some more preparation and planning and again this took me away from sewing. Now, I got very excited thinking of all the things I could do while being off work for a few weeks. When the doctor said I would need 8 weeks off without putting any weight on my foot at all, I knew this would be time well spent around the house. I am sure you have already figured out what my first problem would be. You are right, the first problem was…HELLO! You are having surgery Chris! It was not a piece of cake. It was painful and for the first few days, I couldn’t concentrate on anything more than just moving from chair to couch to bathroom. Whew! Now with those first few days behind me I am doing much better, but absolutely now sewing.

Total hat count (pending)

Now I need to find a place for my hats to go. I of course will contact some local places but I am interested in do the most good for the most people. If anyone reading this blog would like to submit information about a charity or a place in need of hats, I would love to connect with them and ship them out. Please explain-mail me:

Thank you for those who followed my , albeit lack luster story. I think I will continue making hats until I reach 1,000. I can keep collecting fabric and cutting out and sewing and then sending them out to those who need. It wasn’t a bad idea, in fact I think the idea was pretty good.

I look forward to hearing from you and finding those places who have children who need hats.


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