Beanie count low, the calendar is winning.

When I challenged myself I didn’t want to ever feel stressed out about this. I am doing a good thing and it should not be painful. I did get a lot done this weekend and that is a good feeling. My total of completed beanies (that’s with size tags and everything) is 72 . Seventy-two!!! Hubby thinks that’s great, then I reminded him I am behind by 178! He said how could you be behind? I said the year is 1/4 if the way gone-I should have 250 hats. 😦


An example of what needs to be next to my machine at all times.

Okay, I am not giving into despair. It’s Easter—today of all days I should be happy and full of joy and happiness. I am really, happy that is. Even if the Beanie count is low, I know I can do this. I will cut more today and just always have them by the sewing machine. I think the Winter weather we didn’t get a couple months ago may finally be here. That will make sewing the polar fleece more enjoyable.


Completed, they really look like a lot!!


I think I have PLENTY for girls. I better think neutral colors or something appropriate for boys!


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