My beanie pattern has been good to me

I purchased this pattern ( by green pepper) years ago, thinking this will be wonderful! Many sizes, lots of little noggin’s in my family need to be kept warm and a seemingly endless supply of color and pattern choices. This sewing pattern proved to be just such the thing. Unlike the many, I mean MANY patterns I buy and tend to not use (with the price of patterns in the store I don’t do this anymore,) this one came out of the envelope right away. I knew from past experience, it would be good to cut out all the sizes from another paper source. After years of use, they are warn and show that I have taken a few liberties with the scissors and the rotary cutter. It may actually be time for me to make new ones.


Even thought this pattern is not difficult by any means, you still need to cut and sew accurately for the hat to turn out right. Depending on the fabric you choose, placement becomes an issue. You want to be careful to match plaids or straight lines. If your fabric has a character (like a dog or cat) make sure that the cut lines fall far enough away or the little critters or you may end up a cyclopes or something very strange looking.


For my project I am going to use every bit of fabric and placement may not be so crucial. I want to make a thousand hats, so I need to be a little stingy with my fabric. I will try and stick to solid colors, but I still want them to be fun but for the most part functional. I am sure when it is cold outside and you need a hat to keep you warm, you may not be concerned about “Pink Kitty Cyclopes” or of the lines match. I will promise to do my best and make them as good looking as possible.

Soon I will be in need of places to send these hats, so if you know of an agency or church or shelter….just about anywhere (that can be verified) I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a message. Thank you and happy sewing is good sewing.


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