Need more hours in the day…for work, cooking, cleaning, Korean dramas…and sewing.

Why are there not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I want to do? I wake up with such good intentions. I set goals, I aspire to reach them. I DO! Then one by one they crash to the floor and I end up kicking them (as if they are actual objects) around  the floor of my car, under my desk at work, and in every room I enter in my house. They mock me, with eyes only I can see. These items on my “to-do” list that I could not complete. Maybe I try and do too much, but doesn’t everyone?

I cannot be the only person who strives to do it all. I will admit when I was younger it was easier. First of all I had a manageable list. I could multitask better. I got things done and probably even made it look easy. Where did that girl go? I will tell you…I look in the mirror and I see her running away. Her thick brown hair bobbing  back and forth, with her considerably smaller ass in her cool yet funky outfits. She is running away from me and laughing. One day I will look in the mirror and she will be gone. What will remain is an older BUT WISER version of myself. Same brown hair (with some highlights…yes that’s what I will call them) although not quite as bouncy. With my slightly dark and swollen eyes looking back at me. Wondering where the years have gone and why time goes by so fast.

This leads me to my point (finally) that the days are flying by. When I first thought of the idea of making 1000 hats in a year, I actually thought I would have no problem. I could do this and make it look easy. Well, two perfectly good but busy weekends went by and I have completed 10 hats. I am not great at math but even I can figure I will be some 700 or so short. Seven hundred little heads that won’t be warm because I went shopping or slept in or watched a movie. It ends now.

March is right around the corner and If I accomplish nothing else this year (besides keeping my job and keeping Michael, Buffy and I alive) I will finish these hats.








OK, so my machine is actually bigger and it’s real. That’s not even a picture of me (Credit to original owner) But I need to have that determination she has on her face. The FLEECE just got real.

THANK YOU!  Happy sewing is good sewing!



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