Time is ahead by 6 months. If this were a game, I’d be losing.

I have been completely derailed from my beanie project. Except for the 25 hats I cut out 2 months ago and managed to sew last weekend, I have had almost zero hat production.

There will be a lot of cold children this winter if I do not step it up. I may have given myself a goal I cannot reach, but I refuse to give up.

I work full time (no excuse) and I have taken on another part time job (still no excuse) that keeps me very busy. Honestly I have been reading various blogs for the last hour and a half. Prime cutting and sewing time. I will post this little update and then later tonight, I will post again with an update as to what I did with my day. I know I have so-called other obligations, like cleaning the house and feeding my husband, but the day is half over and most of the house work is done. Really, what’s better than sandwiches on a Sunday?

Please pray for me as I try to accomplish a little something for others today. It’s not all about me (and husband and dog.) I take inspiration from the wonderful women who’s blogs I follow. I thank them for inspiring and keeping up with life, while I sometimes struggle with whats really important.




2 thoughts on “Time is ahead by 6 months. If this were a game, I’d be losing.

  1. All those hats! I applaud this initiative, At least it’s quicker to see them than to knit them! I like to see for a cause too, but only aim for one or two things a week, so I am impressed by your industry, even more as you are working and I’ve stopped 😋


    • someday i will retire, until then i will keep biting off more than i can chew. Not having children has given me lots of free time over the years. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I should have been a little more productive. I do enjoy keeping busy and this year is all about using what I have. I just cut out some baby bibs, I swear some of this fabric and assorted scraps have been lingering for 10, 20 years. OMG I’m terrible!! I need to learn to let go. 🙂

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