Donations and sewing for 2017

I planned lots of sewing and giving this year, and I really did well.  I am always trying to do it on the cheap, but it never works out. I have lots of fabric so to use it up  I plan these projects that seem to always require something to go with, like string backpacks.

These string backpacks were my first project. All shapes and sizes, but then I found myself having to buy tons of parachute cording. (I am lucky enough to have an average size grommet punch back wine I was sure I would be the next big deal in the REN Fair world.) I am sure there was another way to go so I would love some suggestions and pictures!!!  Thank you.

I do think they were a hit and I donated about 25 to a local charity that provides many goods and services to women and their children who seek a safe place. So happy to donate, I geared up for more donations For them at Christmas time.

Speaking of Christmas…and going back a few years to the HATS!  I started that project to use up my over abundance of polar fleece (who can pass up a good sale on polar fleece.)  well when word of my project got out, I was overwhelmed with the amount of polar fleece fabric donations I received. I still made over 200 hats back then, not counting the fifty or so I made this year. So, I made about 10 baby blankets. Very simple, warm, soft. A donation that I hope was all received.

I am searching for ideas for this coming year. Here’s to a wonderful 2018 full of great ideas, and hearts full of giving.

SIDE NOTE: I was also very pleased to be able to donate fabric and patterns to my nephew and his charter school. He’s 11 and has been taking a sewing class. Imagine the joy to hear that not only does he like hunting, playing in dirt and learning karate….he likes the creative and architectural aspects of sewing. Now that’s sewing for good, and some great auntie happy giving.



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