Cottonwood, California

Bio: I have been thinking of something to do that is good. Something good for others and at the same time would be good for me. I enjoy sewing and I enjoy doing for others, although I feel I can always do more. This past Christmas I made lots of hats (polar fleece beanies) for family. There was a point I imagined it was a race and wondered how fast can I sew this stack of hats? It was a pretty fast time and extra points for doing a good job. Days later I found myself thinking about hats again. How many could I make in a day? How much fabric do I have? I wonder if I could make a THOUSAND in a year if I really tried? I'm not super rich so affording the fabric would be the trick. But what if I tried really hard, was a bargain hunter and got great deals on fabric? I could also search thrift stores, yard sales and closeouts on-line. I wonder if I could do it? Then say for instance I did accomplish it? Where would I send all these hats? I couldn't keep them all. I couldn't sell them (something I do not have a knack for) but to give them away I would need to be connected to the right people in the right places. So, of course I go to the internet. I like it here, I am comfortable. I bet there are places all over the US that could use hats for kids. Why Limit it to just the US? I think I should make hats for the WORLD. Today, I start my venture. To make 1,000 hats for babies & toddlers. I will blog about it along the way. I hope I find the support I need. NO, I know I will find the support I need.

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