The statis of the puffy “Renaissance” shirt for nephew

It’s finished. It’s only mid March, so I made good time on that January birthday gift.  Lots of problems along the way, but I did not give up. Firstly, it was too short. The pieces looked long enough, I swear, but once I handed him the shirt to try on, I knew I was in trouble. BIG trouble considering it was essentially finished except for the hem.

The neckline was also too small. He could barely pull it on. He said that it’s common for them to be cut with a bigger opening. At this point all I can think of is RICO SUAVE with a gold chain. I vigorously shake that image from my head. Then I come to grips with the fact I will need to fix this shirt, because I do not want to make another one. NO! I like pillowcase dresses and twirly skirts for little girls, not GIANT SLEEVE puffy shirts out of muslin…that I did not pre-wash! Yes, I know what you are thinking.

I had just enough fabric left over to add to the bottom, If I pieced it together. Once that was ready I measured it against the circumference of the bottom of the shirt. It fit exactly. What luck!!! And also a little spooky-but whatever. Nobody had better get a good look at that neckline, but I did fix it. If I am lucky he will let me snap a picture when he comes to pick it up. (He did, so see below.)


Renaissance shirt (that I nicknamed…el diablo!)

Success. It fit! He liked it. The good thing about a peasant style shirt…their are some flaws, but back in the day they would not have been perfect, so I am putting this down in the win column.

You can tell where I added the fabric, but I made a fancy stitch (that they would have totally done back in this  period, right?) I guess the fancy stitch only made me feel better. I told him to wash it in cold water and hang to dry. Who am I kidding, he’s a young man, like he’ll remember that! I appreciate the fact that he is a good sport about it all and he posed for a picture! 🙂


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