1,000 hats project–finally making some progress!

I am pretty happy tonight/this morning (because it’s now a little past midnight) with the progress I am making. Good thing I am a bit tenacious and I get motivated by my will to not fail, it seems to have really gotten me going. If I really limit my Korean Drama watching, I will actually complete some hats. I will be very close to the first 100. I will be 1/10 of the way there.

Keeping this on-line journal of this process will not only keep me dedicated to the GOAL and a fire underneath me and my sewing machine, It will be good for me to challenge myself and work out any frustrations I have.


Lots of pretty colors and patterns…makes happy hat sewing!

Time management has been a problem of mine. I am usually late and at best BARELY ON TIME. This applies to all things; work, family functions, personal dates, movies…you name it. I have the desire to be on time, It’s just that time gets away from me or I always feel that things will take less time than they actually do. You could say that my optimism makes me late!

I usually work well under pressure. But, I do not want to be sewing the last two or three hundred hats on the last day of Fall. That will be too much pressure. So, I will pace myself and keep track. I have a calendar that I have noted certain goals. If I am LATE meeting those goals, I will pick up the pace. But, for now I am pleased with the start of this weekend. If I can finish sewing the ones I cut last weekend, and still be able to cut out some more…I will be in a perfect position to finish on time.

(the next day)

Now it is officially day time, Saturday to be exact. I was up to the wee hours of the morning and I had a pretty good production line going last night/early morning. I managed to get about half of the hats sewn that I cut out last weekend. After a good nights sleep, I kind of staled a little. I had some things to do with hubby and then a call from sister number three wanting to see a movie and I have not sewn a hat at all today. I am not worried. Still plenty of time. I will add some of the results from the early morning sewing. I think I need to start thinking “storage.”


A few of my first infant hats on the bottom and colorful (size small) beanies on top.

I am very pleased with how they are turning out. Lots of bright colors and cool patterns. Thanks to sister number one, who donated he pink camo, pretty teal blue, grey and a purple “tie dye” and scraps that made cute infant hat in Purple and pink leopard. I haven’t even really dug into my tub-a-fleece yet.

While out and about with hubby this morning, I visited a couple thrift stores and a rummage sale. No fleece, but I found a couple treasures I could not live without. I also went to a quilting fabric store which yielded no fleece but I picked up something wonderful for a baby quilt I am making for a little one who is on the way (not me, but a great-niece.) I loved, LOVED all the wonderful prints. I do happen to see lots of cool prints while trolling on-line, but it’s so much better to buy local (saving shipping costs is also quite grand!)  Happy sewing is good sewing!




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