I have set the goal, now comes the hard part. (Sewing 1,000 hats)


Me (left) and my sister Dee.

I can honestly say I may have challenged myself with a more than LIKELY, unattainable goal but I am not giving up. I got a wonderful donation of fleece fabric from one of my sisters. She bought it with the intentions of making SOMETHING with it. Then, like we all sometimes do, she changed her mind. Lucky day for me. She gave me some wonderful colors and prints.

I started this post Feb. 25th. Since then…NOTHING. I did move the cutting board and patterns to the garage. So I wouldn’t see it on the dining table, mocking me. I was so motivated, what has changed? I ask myself this daily. Maybe the fact that Spring came a couple weeks early. Oh, who am I kidding. We skipped Winter altogether here in Northern California. It was in the 80’s today and unseasonable warm for weeks.

Well, today the procrastination ends! I am getting something done or I am not going to bed tonight. I will stay up until I cut out at least 50 hats, or until I run out of fabric. Whichever comes first. I will update the post as I go.


Bag-o-fabric from my sis! 4 yards-how wonderful.

March 7th 6:12 pm:

Gathering materials. Switch to smaller cutting mat, because I’m not going in the garage. Make a tall pitcher of strong DECAF tea. I recently gave up caffeine, WHY…I don’t know. It’s 6:52 and I have cut out 7 hats. SEVEN. I have had 2 glasses of ice tea. I can do this!

7:01 pm

Major problem! This is my first serious cutting from actual yardage, not scraps and I have discovered there is about 18 inches left on one side. I cut a total of 8 small hats out of that yard. The hats are cut on the fold and even the “extra small” hat requires more than 18″ folded. NOTE: I cut a few hats going the other direction on the fabric and polar fleece does not have 2-way stretch. I realized that at the sewing stage. I’m gonna crunch the numbers and grab a box of tissue. I will be right back.

One thousand divided by 8 hats equals 125 yards of fleece. If I get the fleece on sale even the cheaper stuff (which I wanted to avoid) it will average about $5.00 a yard. That’s $625.00 give or take a little because I have some fabric on hand. I haven’t actually purchased anything yet. I will get a final count of all the hats made before I actually invest any more money. Because it wouldn’t take a math wiz to realize I spent money on the fabric I have. But, I hate to count it because it already happened. It was in the past. I refuse to live in the past. This HAPPY project began when I wanted to clear out some fabric I have had around forever (actually several years, which in fabric time can seam like forever.) NO TEARS YET. I will find a way to use the edge pieces, that’s all.


So cute. These shall be fun and easy to make!!

7:54 pm

Problem solved!! Infant hats. I can cut 5 infant hats. They are pretty darn cute! Well anything small pink is cute (as a general rule.) I think this will be wonderful. Recalculated… that will be less than $400.00 and maybe a little more once I add California state tax. Yeah!!! (hat cut total:16)

11:52 pm  GOAL!


Me with a little display of “XS” hats. So cute…anything that small is cute!

Finished cutting out! Finally, I am on the road to accomplishment. (There I go counting those chickens again.) But I am feeling really good. I took a small break to feed the troops (aka: self, husband and Buffy.) As midnight approaches, I realize that tonight we SPRING FORWARD by 1 hour for daylights saving time. Luckily that happens at 2 am so technically, I made the deadline.


“I am tired of pooping ever couple of hours”

Back on the 25th of February when I started this post, I was so happy to have the first batch complete. I had no idea my hiatus would last so long. I did post on my Facebook and IG all proud of the first few hats. Twenty more nights like tonight followed by 20 days of sewing and I will be in great shape. I may actually finish this year.

In my defense of slowing production this last week especially, I was nursing a sick little doggie. She got a case of enteritis, WHO KNEW? So she is doing much better, therefore hubby and I are doing much better. Thank you and HAPPY SEWING IS GOOD SEWING.


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