I love sewing, and sometimes I even make something usable.

It’s really okay that not everything I sew works out. Let’s talk about the RENAISSANCE SHIRT I was making for nephew. I took into consideration he is over 6 feet tall, at least I thought I took it into consideration. The pattern looked lengthy to me. I ASSUMED it was already a “longer style” and not WAIST LENGTH as it turned out.


(serious pattern pieces)

First of all this was my first serious pattern that I have attempted in quite a while. I will admit I am a bit rusty. Lately my big things have been T-shirt quilts, pillow-case dresses and twirly little girl skirts. Needless to say the puffy shirt with sleeve’s the size of my dining table were challenging. TOO SHORT! My goodness, I will fix it, because I don’t look forward to making it again. I’m just saying!

This being said, I still love sewing because you get to make something.You take flat lifeless material and God willing it turns into something usable, wearable (sometimes) and maybe fashionable.  I am really fond of making things for others. I guess I like to make others happy. It’s one of my biggest problems I used to think of it as a fault but really it’s more of just a personal issue. It does make ME happy doing for others. I would do for myself but it’s been a while since I made something for me that turned out the way I expected. Most of my sewing life has been one big SHORT puffy shirt. For the longest time I have switched to making things that will always fit, be adorable on a little someone or is completely functional (like a purse or a pillow cover.)

To say I have been sewing (and still learning) for a while is an understatement. To tell you, the reader would be letting go of a secret. Several secrets actually. But if not now, then when??

I first started sewing in 4-H when I was 10 or 11. I liked it right away, but I was a rebel and had trouble learning the PROPER way to do things. But with my mom’s help she taught me a very good lesson. I had a project that I needed to do and set out for the local fabric store. I picked out a pattern and she tried to steer me towards the “right” material for the skirt. I wanted to choose and couldn’t be swayed. I wanted the blue chambray with little tied red bandanas printed on it. Even though it was a cotton and not a 2-way stretch material the pattern called for. I thought it would be great and would work perfectly. So my mom let me get the blue material with the red bandana’s. I made the skirt following the directions cutting everything out and sewing the best I could. Much to my surprise it didn’t fit! Apparently an A-line skirt with no zipper or elastic needs to STRETCH in order to pull it on. This was my first good lesson in home-economics and as an FHA (future homemaker of America) girl.

Lessons learned: 1. Always listen to your mother (she is usually trying to help.) 2. Follow directions until you are skilled enough to write your own directions. 3. Measure twice, cut once.  4. Forty years is not long enough to have learned lesson number three.


(not me) But I am sure I had the same concentration on my face.

4H pledge: “I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty, my Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.”



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