May the fabric be with me

To be totally honest the title of this post makes me think of three things.

1. fabric (duh) 2. A tale of a son (Luke) and his father (Vader.) 3. …and also with you (for my catholic readers.)

Silliness out of the way now, I promise. Until I get the LAST Christmas gift “project” off my dining table, I can’t cut anything else out. It goes without saying that no one is eating at the table. Anyway, I have a “Renaissance” style shirt to make for my nephew. I saw the pattern and knew he would like it. He’s very into the REN FAIR and now that he is 21 I am sure he will really be into them. He has a black shirt, so I thought a nice muslin off-white shirt would be great. I realize it’s FEBRUARY, please don’t judge. It’s a little late to fulfill Christmas gift I.O.U’s.  If you are anything like me, you have projects started, waiting, half finished, piled up in the corner…I just know it. If you don’t then you have a serious problem.

Did I mention I work full time? Well I do, so knowing that RENAISSANCE FAIR’s around here start in May, at least lets me sleep at night.

This is not my nephew (credit to the pretzel man-no copy write infringement intended) but this looks a lot like the shirt I will be making….soon, before MAY. Way Before MAY. (April at the latest.)

I have been curious just how will I find places to send these hats? I know lots of local places to give them, and I do support local charities often! The good thing about this blog is I will be able to connect with people all over the US and hopefully the world. I have been blogging for a while, but this is the first time I have been really serious about SHARING this blog and hoping LOTS of people find me. My KPOP blog sells itself. **laughing hysterically while I know most of you are saying, WHAT’S KPOP** It’s not a kind of fabric, I promise. I am looking for some serious traffic, so I welcome any advice.

Thank you and Happy sewing!



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