Day one of project Happiness and Good Sewing

In the recent past I have been all consumed with Korean Music and Korean dramas. I talk about them and refer to them in daily conversation more than I should. The looks on my husbands face and the faces of my family & co-workers tells me I should get a more main-stream hobby.

So….here’s my new blog. My main purpose for this blog will be to chronicle my “1,000 Hats (for kids) project.” I will be gathering materials, sewing and giving away these hats for the coming Winter (2015/2016). I know we are still in the midst of Winter right now, but this project will take some time. I was thinking it would take a year and I have already lost the month of January. I need to get busy!

With the new BLOG all set up, nothing left to do but get started. Happy Sewing and Happy February!



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